Images of Yawnder is the first catalogue of drawings by Jay Dart. Published by Galerie Youn in 2015, this 48 page catalogue features works from 2009-2015 and a foreword by Toronto Star Art Critic, Murray Whyte. 
The Field Guide to Yawnder was created by Dart and published by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in 2016 to accompany his first public gallery solo exhibition, Greetings From Yawnder! This exhibition brought together 80+ drawings and installation pieces from the Yawnder series. The exhibition opened at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in October 2016 before travelling to the Art Gallery of Sudbury in February 2017. This book is available, among other places, in the Art Gallery of Ontario bookstore.
Dart has also created bookworks that present drawings from the series as a story with writing by Jiggs himself. Published in 2019 as a limited artist edition, Where Yawns Go: Volume 1 brings together drawings up to 2015 in order to tell the first two chapters of the story of Yawnder: Wanderer of Yawnder and Further Over Yawnder. The first chapter was originally published on its own in 2013. Currently, Dart is working on Volume 2 that will present the next two chapters in this epic tale from images that were exhibited since 2015. The new chapters are titled Within Beyawnder and Old Fields, Revisited, and they will feature drawings that have been exhibited from 2015-2020 along with more writing from Jiggs. Meanwhile, Dart is developing animated versions of works from this series in order to present them on new platforms.