“Jay Dart’s whimsical graphite and watercolour drawings feature brightly-colored beards and magical mysterious sticks prominently. In 2013, Jay released his first picture book, Wanderer of Yawnder, featuring his artwork, with themes and scenes reimagined from his own Wanderer series of drawings, and words by Jiggs (his alter ego).” 
– juxtapoz.com
“The images, on the other hand, are a mystifying mixture of the mildly surreal, naturalistic, and childlike naivetee —following such big footsteps as local heroine Shary Boyle, and Winnipeg superstar Marcel Dzama, if they whipped up their works in a cabin in the woods, that is.” – Murray Whyte, thestar.blogs.com, Aug 2009
“Jay Dart is currently working as a graphic designer in Toronto while still feeding his passion for illustration and exposing his work to one and the other side of the pond. Because if your name includes the word art inevitably you’re bound to do so. His watercolors and gráfitos draw current characters that each day we could find in the toolbar of any Canadian bar, but he traviste them, places them their magical beards and makes them exceptional individuals. Among their painted tables can find fishermen, woodcutters, mountaineers, sportsmen or simple drinkers that dressed up in the clothing in the purest Canadian style are not removed their beards of colors or deviate from its eyes of yours. Welcome to the magical world and sometimes disturbing of Jay Dart.”Lamono (translated) 
“Last September, Dart won the Audience Choice Award at the Queen West Art Crawl. His work, which reflects our vanity, egoism and the absurdity of our lives, has been exhibited in Europe and appears on the occasional album cover. His delicate drawings and watercolours show a poignant sense of humour and outstanding intuition. He forces us to look at ourselves in the mirror.” – Fidel Pena, The Grid, July 2011
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