Since 2008, Jay Dart has been exhibiting works from the Yawnder series in galleries and art fairs throughout North America and Europe. Scroll down for more info and photos about Jay Dart’s exhibitions. Visit the links below to see drawings from specific chapters in this series that were included in various venues. 


Chapter I: Wanderer of Yawnder
Chapter II: Further Over Yawnder
Chapter III: Now Entering Beyawnder
Chapter IV: Old Fields, Revisited

Available works can be purchased at Galerie Youn, Slate Gallery and Gallery Jones

For each exhibition, Dart expands on the ongoing narrative centred on his alter ego Jiggs’ odyssey. He creates experiential exhibitions for those who enter the gallery spaces by including mixed media pieces that bring elements from his two-dimensional works to life as well as interactive installations in order for people to engage with his imaginative world. Dart continues to exhibit works from this series in two ways: he presents never before seen images from the narrative through new works and he also creates exhibitions that provide an overview of the world through new and past works.