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Take a doodle fer a ride or find a mystifying monument to ponder.
Step right up, come see fer yerself: we’re now entering Beyawnder.
– Jiggs
Further Over Yawnder is the second chapter in the Yawnder saga. Many of the drawings shown here were exhibited in exhibitions at Galerie Youn and art fairs, including Art Toronto, Papier in Montreal and Paper in New York. Some of them were also used to develop chapter 2 of Dart’s book Where Yawns Go: Volume 1.
In this part of the narrative, Jiggs is finding ways to get his geistwood creations out there to others. Some fellers are helping him but he seeks the attention of the giant foremoms who are the gatekeepers to distant lands.
Eventually, Jiggs enters a portal to a place beyond Yawnder. After his first encounters with the giant foremoms, he aims to bring his massive multicoloured logs to their attention in order to reach a larger audience. Meanwhile, some fellers he got to help him move his load were waltzing on the magical mystery trees down the main stream.
Some of them followed Jiggs to the place known as Beyawnder. What they found there blew some of their right head off! They saw some of the oddest sights, in all manner of colours, as far as the eye could see. If you don’t believe it, then see fer yerself.