“A little further over Yawnder,
the Foremoms have been known to wander

while the Foredads whisper in a breeze
as many geists as you’d ever wanna seize.
Endless inspiration is all around
ye just gotta see where they’re found.” –

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Further Over Yawnder is the second part in the Yawnder saga. Many of the drawings shown here were included in Dart’s solo exhibition Further Over Yawnder (Plus loin Labaille) at Galerie Youn as well as art fairs with Galerie Youn including Art Toronto, Papier in Montreal and Paper in New York. Many of these drawings made up Chapter II of Dart’s book Where Yawns Go: Volume I.

In the first chapter, he presents the experience of inspiration as a private process when the internal digestion of external influences takes place and new ideas are cast. Now in the second chapter, Dart elucidates another stage of the creative process: the practice of communicating these ideas involves making those ideas tangible and sharing them with others. Thus, the Yawnder story begins to involve a cast of characters who discover Jiggs’ creations and play a part in disseminating them. As these nomadic characters follow Jiggs further over Yawnder, we see them felling the massive geistwoods that sprang up when he buried his geist beards, and manoeuvre them down the main stream in order to get them to Somewheres. They also haul these geist trees up the mountainsides to reach the giant Foremoms who act as gatekeepers to distant lands and the most coveted places.