Where Yawns Go: Volume 1

Story by Jiggs  |  Drawings by Jay Dart

8.5″ x 8.5″ hardcover, full-colour
52 pages featuring over 40 full colour images
First limited artist edition 2019
300 copies in the edition hardbound book
Each copy is signed and numbered by the artist and author.

Volume one of the Where Yawns Go chronicles features the first two chapters in a series about Jiggs and his wanderings over Yawnder to find the mystical nature of inspiration in the hopes of creating something truly unique. Chapter one is a revised version of Wanderer of Yawnder, first released as a standalone book in 2013. Chapter 2, Further Over Yawnder, is a whole new story available for the first time in this book.

Please email woy@thedart.ca for any requests if you would like your signed copy addressed to anyone in particular.

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Dart creates these narrative bookworks to present the story that has been developing throughout the Yawnder series of drawings that he has been exhibiting for over a decade. The story chronicles the adventures of his alter ego Jiggs and also features writing by Jiggs himself. Published in 2019 as a limited artist edition, Where Yawns Go: Volume 1 brings together drawings completed up to 2015. 

Currently, Dart is working on Volume 2 that will present the next two chapters in this epic tale. The new chapters will be titled Within Beyawnder and Old Fields, Revisited, and they will feature drawings that have been exhibited from 2015-2020 along with more writing from Jiggs. You can see some of these drawings in the links under the Artworks menu above. Meanwhile, Dart is developing animated versions of works from this series in order to present them on new platforms.